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Patrick's Pt.

Patrick's Pt. was founded without a name in 2008 in the north wing of a house in central Indiana. Patrick's Pt. is Patrick Bourland, who was born in Indiana and grew up in Ohio. He went to college in Ohio, too. There he met James Cartwright, who in 2010 moved to Durham, NC, which is where in 2012 Patrick would record MSTRE, and where Bull Durham is set. Bull Durham, released 24 years prior to the making of MSTRE, stars Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, among others. It's hilarious and great -- a classic, really -- and like James's audio production, Patrick cannot recommend it more highly.

Patrick likes to ride his bicycle. One time his riding took him down coastal California and through dense redwood forest, part of which was contained in a place called Patrick's Point State Park. Not long after that he forgot both the name of the park and that he'd ever been there. By the time an old friend who hadn't been with him on the trip reminded him, he'd already named a fictional town and its derivative album Patrick's Pt., MSTRE. He regrets the mix-up.

Patrick wrote and recorded everything on MSTRE.

MSTRE is Patrick's Pt.'s debut album.



TFR-014 MSTRE (Postcard/download)



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